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If you answered no, then Rogue Valley Marketing has the solution for you.

We have a simple solution that can change that in minutes. All custom websites that we build are fully responsive to screen size including any mobile devices for optimal viewing so your customers will love you.

Statistics show that consumers are surfing the web on their mobile devices 2000%  more this year than last year - yes, you read that

right, two thousand percent - that's an average of 2.7 hours a day.

So, is your Website easy to navigate for your mobile customers?​
What We Offer!


A robust mobile website that works across all mobile platforms!

Custom designed mobile pages included with all website design.
Home Page, About Us, Special Offers for your mobile prospects,
Video Slideshow showcasing your business, Location Mapping

Easy Touch Menu Buttons
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PLUS Social Media Friendly

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly popular portal to the web.  People are accessing content EVERYWHERE from these devices.

ŸTraditional Web Pages are too fat. They are slow and general. The content is structured for the static user and often difficult to navigate from a mobile browser.

Mobile users are only interested in content that's fast and on target.  NO FLUFF.  When they like the content, they share it on social networks.

Mobile sites are micro-web pages formatted for mobile browsers. Content rich and drama free. Each Smart Site has social sharing, functionality, and is location targeted.

See some before and afters below.


Your Business


In 2013!

May Need A

Call Us Today, Be Mobile Tomorrow!

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